August 31 – September 3: European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meetning, Budapest. The project researchers organise the session: Human Remains: Between Objects of Science and Lived Lives. Toward a New Ethics for Human Remains in Archaeology

August 23: Seminar about Research Ethics and report on the progress of the project at Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Stockholm.

May 19-21: Einstein Forum (Potsdam) Conference The Dignity of the Dead. Liv Nilsson Stutz participates n a round table discussion Exposing the Dead. Human Remains on Display, and presents a talk: Embodied Rituals and Ritualized Bodies – Making Sense of Death.

May 2-4: Royal Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren, Belgium) Workshop Museums, sustainability, collections. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the Keynote for the panel Sensitive Collections: Human bodies. Human remains. The bones at the center of the decolonization debate.

April 7: Workshop Contract Archaeology, Human Remains, and Ethics in 2022 at Teleborg Castle, Växjö. The workshop was organised in collaboration with Ina Thegen, graduate Student in Archaeology at Aarhus University and guest researcher at Linnaues University Center for Concurrences in Colonial and Postcolonial studies. Concurrences sponsored the workshop.

March 29: Seminar on Ethics at Karolinska Institutet. Liv Nilsson Stutz participated with the presentation Antropologiska perspektiv på mänskliga kvarlevor i samlingar/Anthropological perspectives on human remains in museums, and in the panel discussion. A summary can be found here.

March 10: Seminar at the Department of Arcaheology and Ancient History, Lund University. Ethical Entanglements. The caring for human remains in museums and research.

March 2: Lunchtime seminar for the Society of Archaeologists in Iceland, Fornleifastofnun Íslands ses. Humans in museums. A study of the collections of human remains in museums, and the people who curate them.

January 26-27: Meeting with the research project reference group at the Ethnographic Museum in Stockholm.


Nov 4: The National Committee for Research Ethics on Human Remains (SKJ) (Norway). Seminar (Oslo): Return of Human Remains? Practices, Implications and ethical issues. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the Keynote: Repatriation of human remains as decolonizing strategy and activism. Drawing from experiences and contemplating new challenges

Oct 19: Visit to the Östergötland Museum. Liv Nilsson Stutz visited with the team preparing the new permanent exhibition to discuss the different dimensions of exhibiting human remains and the pedagogical dimensions of human remains in museums.

May 24-25: Researching Nordic Colonialism – Past, Present, Future. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the paper Exceptional, ahead, or behind? Swedish museums and their relationships to human remains.

March 24: Liv Nilsson Stutz presented Ethical Entanglements at a seminar at the Swedish History Museum.

February 17-18: NCK Spring conference Decolonizing Heritage from a Nordic Perspective. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the paper Repatriation as a strategy for decolonization. Experiences from an international perspective.

January 27-28: Liv Nilsson Stutz acted as a closing dicussant for the conference DigiDeath at the University of Chester. Read more here.


December 18: Liv Nilsson Stutz participated in a K-samtal organized by the Swedish National Heritage Board on the topic of how Swedish museums handle human remains. The event was a conversation between Liv and Estelle Lazer (University of Sydney), and moderated by Kicki Eldh. Summary and sound file here.

November 10-11: Annual Meeting for the Nordic Network for human Remains, organized at the Museum for World Cultures, Gothenburg. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the paper: What can we show? A comparative analysis of attitudes to the exhibition of human remains in the US and the Nordic countries. Link to access video from the presentations

October 13. The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees Webinar: Return of Human Remains? Practices, Implications and Ethical Issues. Liv Nilsson Stutz presented the Keynote Address: Can Repatriation be Problematized? Should it be? Theoretical Challenges and Political Choices. Link to video of conference.